Akuna St Canberra, ACT 2601 Australia


A strategic and execution framework forms the basis of our approach.

Values and Authenticity

What drives the organization? How does received wisdom affect performance for the future? How do generations interact to affect future performance? What is the impact of mono-culture on growth and innovation? What needs to be preserved through the digital transformation journey?

We facilitate bold thinking, grounded in analysis and deeply connected to the front line where value is exchanged:

  • people and conversations
  • markets and business models
  • hunting for new opportunities to maximize relevance in this extreme customer-centric environment where buyers are in short supply.

Data Driven: Fast Data powering decision making

Using rich information at the intersection of people, conversations, content and context you can

  • Understand your internal and external market dynamics and their contexts using the metrics that matter for you to gain visibility of your strategic risks
  • Then implement measurable, data-driven social business solutions, managed with leading, predictive measurements, enabling you to compete effectively in an increasingly complex and real-time world

Adaptive Agile Action

Extreme market sensing and responsive networks of organizational collaboration leads to

  • New business models to explore and win or fail fast
  • Platforms for engagement customised to defined markets
  • Responsive, ubiquitous services in a device independent interaction

Dialogue: Context Aware Content for personalized conversation

Unique, integrated customer experiences that recognise Social Networks, Digital Tribes and personas that are time, place and relationship aware

  • Segmentation
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Segmentation of One

Automation integrated with semantic and artificial intelligence technologies enable predictive scalability