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We support an organization in developing and enabling a digital transformation strategy connected to the analogue world. We do this by articulating, guiding and training to achieve close integration and strategic alignment at the intersect of conversations and information that impact the customer and employee experience.  

Our approach focusses on the following core areas:

Conduct a GAP assessment:
  • Capability assessment and gap identification in current people, processes and systems with recommended plan to close these
  • Assess business requirements with key stakeholders to agree digital priorities across: strategy, governance, people, channels, marketing, CRM, customer experience, analytics and collaboration.
  • Build digital initiatives business road map for implementation in a three-year plan including critical foundation blocks
Create a prioritised digital transformation strategy road-map
  • Digital best practice playbook - digital frameworks, modules and best practice case studies and ways of working for social media marketing, customer facing digital asset optimisation and e-commerce.
  • Change management plan to support appropriate cultural change towards a digital thinking/doing organisation.
  • Review and recomendations of any digital partners
Develop implementation cost analysis with recommendations for hands on management and a cohesive approach:
  • Work with relevant teams to execute the rollout of digital initiatives
  • Assess cost/benefits and prepare budget and rationale to support implementation plan
  • Success metrics for measurement