Akuna St Canberra, ACT 2601 Australia

Partnership Programmes

Our partnership programmes investigate the impacts of technology on the social fabric across cultures.  These include investigations on how societies are changing because of digital communications technologies. Our research includes: 

Digital Tribes
  • The dynamics of communications, co-creation and reciprocity between digital tribes
  • The social and economic value of social networks, conversations and outputs.
  • The Information dynamics between customer and organizational tribes
Digital Design, Innovation and Productivity
  • The social artifacts of digital Influencers and brand advocates and how they create communities, conversations and innovations.
  • The productivity effects of “always-on” social technology
  • Comparative analysis of entrepreneurialism, social network density and technology application
Digital Society and Citizenship
  • Semantic social network modeling of the tribes and their symbols shaping business and political agendas
  • If connectivity and scale are shaping is destiny, what are the challenges for large regional cities to be part of inclusive growth? 
  • How can we accelerate the transformation of institutions, organizations, and human skills to keep up with the quickening pace of digital innovation and deliver inclusive growth?
Innovate & Adapt or Die
  • What separates digital leaders and cultures from the rest? Can the features be replicated to reduce inequality?
  • Productive employment for all – what are the skills and jobs for entrepreneurialism, productivity, employment and equal opportunity
Digital Divides and Dividends
  • How can high population regional localities do digital differently and create innovation clusters that are deeply rooted in their surrounding communities and natural resources, responsive to the needs of local industries and public services
Working Life
  • What will the workforce of the future look like, and what skills are needed?
  • How can we accelerate the transformation of skills to keep up with the quickening pace of digital innovation to deliver inclusive growth?