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Defining digitalbrand

Digitalbrand (n)

An authentic and active, values-driven identity based on human centered design and powered by machines.

A digital brand has attitude - it identifies and acts on its purpose and values, so it is authentic.

It adapts rapidly by proactively sensing and responding to its ecosystem of customers over competitors. It embraces new markets and business models, so it is agile.

It does this through more people on the front line able to act and make decisions, closely connected to the most demanding and sophisticated customers who really do know “what’s next?”.

 It communicates and interacts openly with networks of people, partners and machines, so it is collaborative and social. 

It is obsessed with data and uses information to improve, learn, and interact, but it is more than data-driven, it uses machine thinking to process and predict, then a digitalbrand acts so it creates its future.

These attributes mean it is able to innovate and embrace entrepreneurialism, achieve sustainability and be anti-fragile, transforming through each challenge.   

Is this important?

Digital disruption is well underway.  Its impact is becoming more apparent to more businesses and people. Connected digital ubiquity is  the way of life in smart systems around the world.

To remain relevant and sustain value, organisations must capitalise on the social digital world of networked business, taking advantage of technological and societal changes in the explosion of data, the ubiquity of connected devices and the tribalism of people and machines on interactive platforms across multiple devices.